Skin types and recommendations

It is important to distinguish between skin types and skin conditions.

Skin type is genetically determined, measured by the oil in the skin.
Genetics has an important bearing on how our skin stands up to everyday stress and strain, how we age, whether we suffer from a skin disease (such as Acne or maybe even skin cancer) and other things. Genetics will determine the thickness, oil production, color and sensitivity of our skin. We can not change our skin type, but we can help our clients improve and control the problems associated with their skin types. The main skin types are: Normal, Oily, Dry or Sensitive. You may have a combination of different skin types.

Skin condition usually develops as the result of the environmental factors or other external factors such as heating, air conditioning, pollution and other environmental factors. The No. 1 contributing factor is the sun, which is responsible for the 80% of the aging process.
Other factors can be surgery, medication, stress, illness, hormone imbalances, lifestyle, bad habits (smoking, alcohol ….), poor diet, incorrect product usage and water intake. Examples of skin conditions are Dehydration, Sensitization, Premature agingPigmentation, Congestion/breakout. In these cases, we recommend you to seek professional help and visit Dr. Hill Beauty Clinic.