Glacial Mud

The South Island of New Zealand is renowned for its unique Alpine ranges and the remote Tasman Glacier, pushing down from the highest mountain - Mt Cook. For millions of years, this Glaciers movement has naturally produced fine organic and mineral-rich silt which is deposited at Glaciers entry to the Alpine lakes and rivers. This fine mineral-rich silt is known as Glacial Mud is the key ingredient in our "Revital Glacial Mask" and "Revitalizing Cream". It provides nourishment and treatment for your skin, regular use helps promote cell oxygenation which imparts freshness, firmness and leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh.

Essentials minerals from Glacial Mud:

  • Potassium - a natural pore tightener
  • Magnesium - relieves irritation and skin damage
  • Calcium - clarifies cell surface layers,
  • Sodium - naturalizes skin pH balance and an organic natural antioxidant.

Dr Hill PROFESSIONAL Skincare products containing Glacial Mud: