Dr.Hill For Men



Men's Skin Care

It just as important for a man to look after his skin as it is for a woman!

Generally speaking a man's skin is tougher than a woman's but because of shaving every day this can leave the male skin feeling sensitive.

Here are some tips on looking after your skin properly:



1. In the morning clean and shave with Dr.Hill Clean and Shave 

Note: Shaving - you use Dr.Hill Clean and Shave instead of shaving foam

2. You use Dr.Hill Facial Toner to help remove any excess and this will also help close the pores and refine the skin. This will also regulate sebasium secretion and give the skin a fresh feeling

3. If you have tendency to have ingrown hair, pimples or redness especially after shaving then apply Dr.Hill Active Care Gel

4. After 1 to 2 minutes and apply Dr.Hill Day Self-Defence with SPF20 even around the eyes, don't forget about the neck. It is a very light and oil free preparation that protects skin and stops that oily shining look.

 If you are going to engage in any outdoor sport of physical activity don't forget to reapply every 2 hours



1. In the evening also wash with Dr.Hill Clean and Shave

2. Apply Dr.Hill Night Restore

3. Try our special Dr.Hill Eye Cream

If you are in any doubt about how to use any of these products ask your WIFE or US!

All of our products are perfume free so there is no lingering smell.

The other benefits for you are:


Shining skin                            STOP

Aging                                      STOP

Oilness                                   STOP

Pimples                                  STOP

Ingrown Hairs                        STOP

Razor burn/shaving rush       STOP

Sensitivity                              STOP


And it's all confidential....................just between you and Dr.Hill Professional Skin Care.