Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Alpha Hydroxy Acids


People used Alpha Hydroxy Acids to improve skin condition long before the existence of AHAs was known. Egyptian women took bath in sour milk in order to improve their skin. French women washed their faces with old wine for the same reason. AHAs are naturally occurring acids found in honey (Glycolic acid), fermented milk (Lactic acid), citrus fruits (Citric acid) or fermented grapes (tartaric acid).

Among the main benefits of AHAs are: slow the aging process; help minimize fine lines ans wrinkles; increase skin elasticity, minimizes pores, improves the texture of rough and damaged skin; stimulate natural collagen production; help to even out skin discoloration; normalize oily, acneic or troubled skin.

Many doctors and dermatologists use AHA containing products in skin treatments. 

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