About Dr. Elina Hill

Dr. Elina Hill is an internationally trained Dermal Therapist with a medical degree (MD, Dermatologist). Having worked around the globe over 25 years (France, Spain, South Africa, UK, just to name a few places), she has built vast experience in the treatment of various skin conditions. The international experience allowed her to tap into expertise not available in New Zealand yet. Using such knowledge, Dr. Hill does not only help people with many aesthetic skin problems, but also support and prolong your own natural beauty! Elina’s dream was always to help people to maintain their own charm by supporting and nurturing skin health. Dr. Elina Hill has started formulating her products about 20 years ago and many of these formulations have not changed, as they have been proven effective for all skin types and climatic conditions. Dr. Hill professional skin care products were originally formulated for professional use only, and then expanded to home use products as well. Find out more about Dr Hill PROFESSIONAL Skincare philosophy, ingredients and range. Dr. Elina Hill runs advanced beauty clinic here in Wellington, offering wide range of professional treatments including LED, IPL, HIFU, non-needle mesotherapy, photo rejuvenation and much more. Many treatments, like Carbon peel or …, were introduced in New Zealand for the first time by Dr. Hill. All treatments start from consultation, where Elina will develop your personal unique treatment programme. You may find more information about Dr. Hill Beauty clinic and book your visit on the clinic’s website.